Hi! I'm Bethany!


Photography is a small extension of my daily life and brings me so much joy when I get to capture moments for others. My full time passion & job is that I am a Principal at a private school. However, when I'm not advocating for students, parents or teachers, I enjoy thrifting, exploring my city and spending time with family & friends. I can't say no to a party (or boba..what's the difference?) and love connecting with new individuals that are passionate, innovative and full of life.


Fact 1

I was born and raised in SF, California and I still reside here. I'm a city girl at heart and will always be down to sessions in SF!


Fact 2

In high school, I enjoyed exploring "abandoned" buildings and areas with my friends just for that perfect shot!


Fact 3

I can be a bit "extra" and am always down for the crazy ideas (even smoke bombs & paint) if it means a good photo will emerge.


Fact 4

I love getting to know my clients and their journey so far as I fully believe we all have a beautiful story to share!